Seven Process Tools for Business Analysts 2018

  • 1h 30 min

Business process analysis and design should be a core competency for all business analysts and architects. It is a key component of the BABOK V3 required for BA certification. In this session, Roger Burlton, a pioneer in process management and the Author of the Business Process Manifesto, will introduce seven key techniques that will help BAs, Business Architects and Process Professionals to become better at what you do and to make it easier for your clients to understand what’s going on and participate easily. We guarantee that you will want to and will be able to use these over and over again. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to apply these techniques using a simple case study.

  • Stakeholder Exchanges, Expectations and Experiences
  • Concept / Information Maps
  • The Process IGOE Model
  • Decision Structures
  • Multiple Dimensions of Measurement
  • Culture and Behavior Design

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