User Stories differs

  • 40 min

Within this presentation we are going to discuss User stories specifics which appears in large projects delivered via few releases and implemented by few teams. We will discuss such questions as: what are the challenges that BA faces with on her way to archive an optimal Story; which factors should be taken into consideration when defining the approach; what can a regular BA do for that and whether she really should do it; who will evaluate her efforts (at least if it will be ever evaluated).

A real case from large, long and possibly overly agile project is at the heart of presentation. You will see how challenges may affect the approach and develop BA-creation. For sure we will consider the prospects  from BABOK and other guides, as well as some conclusions made with our colleagues, which helped us to drive these interesting exciting challenges.

Стори стори рознь from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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