Busuness game "Catch the wave"

  • Easy
  • 1h 30 min

The first game, based on realistic market mechanics, develops product management skills.

Errors in product management are noticeable after months and can cost millions. But we must act now: the market is changing, competitors are not sleeping.
Catch the Wave” allows you to make decisions in 2 hours, take actions, make possible mistakes, draw conclusions and save money. Without stress, in a relaxed atmosphere and a positive form.

Participants are invited to create and develop their products and technologies, fight for market shares, attract audiences and investments.

Just like in life, only at the same table and one day!

The game is divided into game tacts. In each of them, there are changes in the market that create opportunities and threats for the team’s products.
The winner is the team, which in the last tact will show the highest total return on all products available at that time.

Бизнес-игра "Поймай волну" from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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