Human in Software Development: Factor or Actor?

  • 40 min

Developers never read specifications, and users never read the documentation.

A customer never knows what he wants.

An ingenious user will always find a way to bypass fool-proof.

You're undoubtedly familiar with this IT folklore. And, of course, you have met such situations more than once. But do you know how to manage them because you always consider the human factor in your work?

But is it correct to call the factor just everyday human interaction?

There are two rules a business analyst should always keep in mind: 

1. Software products are created for people

2. Software products are created by people.

Despite the obviousness of these rules, their understanding dramatically facilitates the work of the analyst. They directly affect the choice of effective approaches, design methods and formats of requirements and other results of the analyst’s work.

We will examine in detail this influence and how it helps analysts in their work.

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