Knowledge transfer: Fast, Fun, Rewarding

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"Knowledge transfer": critical element when onboarding a new team member,  when setting up a remote team, when moving forward to a new position.  Done many times in an ad-hoc manner, without proper preparation.

The knowledge could be tech or business. The giver and the receiver could be from business, IT, finance, marketing. They could be from the same or from different domains. 

Personally done it for IT projects when welcoming new colleagues, when setting up new teams and when changing the position. Been at both ends as a BA, as a DEV, as a PM.

The "red thread" is always the knit between:

  • WHEN & HOW LONG - of the essence as the time is the fixed resource 
  • WHAT -  ideally built in time and should be in a repository easily accessible, not just in the mind of the giver
  • HOW - the skills, the tools, the process and the relation that is built between the two 

  • See the "Knowledge transfer" as passing the baton in a relay race, and it will no longer be a grey area. It can be fast, fun and rewarding.
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