Who and how use your system in reality

  • 40 min

During the requirements analysis and software design process, a lot of time and efforts are devoted to understanding actual user needs. Expected business value becomes a driver of the system, it determines future functionality and work priorities.
The classic approach that works well before implementation. But in rush of a new project with new challenges and new user stories, we usually forget to do post-analysis of the previous project.
Do users know about the new functionality? Do they use the capabilities of the system as intended? How can we learn it? What if we have no opportunity to ask end-users?
In the presentation, we will go from the first hypothesis about the work of users to the focused data collection and analysis. Our goal is understanding the real actions and real needs of our users.
The talk will be interesting for product managers who analyse the quality of their work and for analysts, who want to improve the product.

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