Сhecklist for describing system integration requirements

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Some times ago my colleague shared an experience with me and he (or she) told me: “When I need to describe some task regarding integration or to discuss it with the Customer, I usually attract the integration developers for support, because they are on the same wavelength and understand each other during the communication. I get involved only in the discussion of the business validation rules and data processing logic". 

Experience and practice show us that most of the integration issues are equal. And I decided to put these questions in one checklist, which can be as a guide for the integration requirements gathering. 

Of course, it can’t guarantee you that in the future some support will not be required for you during such conversations. However, this checklist will permit to describe the integration task with the minimum necessary level of detail or to contact the developer, the system architect or the Customer with the right questions. 

No theory, only practical cases and examples.

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