Automation of business processes in construction

  • 40 min

BeInTech (Be Innovative & Technological) is a subsidiary the IT company of BI Group (the construction group of the company), which is aimed at automating all the processes of the BI Group, both in the construction sector (Civil Engineering, Industrial Construction, Road Construction) and in the social and corporate direction (Customers, Partners, Employees). 

Opera Build, as one of the projects which helps to optimise and digitise the construction process.

We will tell: 

  • About the features of digitalisation of processes in a construction company. 
  • About the methods used. 
  • Consider the results of the product, in particular, the product Opera Build. 
  • We automate the construction process itself, from the digitalization of documents to the introduction of smart home products. 

We are interested in telling you about our experience and features and getting feedback for further development.

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