UX dashboard of dream. How to turn chaotic data into one beautiful dynamic screen

  • 40 min

The customer has accumulated a lot of data, and he wants a dashboard. But what KPIs, in what breakdown should be demonstrated on this dashboard? He cannot formulate and will not even read the Technical Specification. He needs "all at once" and mandatory it should be "beautiful". How to make a useful product with such a fuzzy intro and not just a mix of graphs?  

I will tell in my talk: 

  • technical specification on a napkin: how to understand KPI and describe User Case without unnecessary documents; 
  • how to design dashboards: a rule of 3 levels of information; 
  • case analysis: collecting requirements for rugged managers, identifying false requirements; 
  • say and show: how to tell a story from data, a crash test for visualization compliance to a User Case; 
  • Checklist for checking a clean copy design.
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