From scepticism to advocacy: Proving the value of the BA role

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Business stakeholders don’t always understand the need for good quality Business Analysis on their projects. The BA discipline is often misunderstood and it can be difficult to articulate the value that we add. There are many commonly held myths about business analysis:
- Anyone can do it
- BAs are “bureaucrats” who stop or slow down change
In this presentation, Adrian Reed, a UK Based Lead Business Analyst will present a case study explaining how the value of the BA role has been promoted within a Financial Services organisation.
He’ll share the successes and challenges and you’ll hear how:
- Reputation and credibility were built with business stakeholders
- Business Analysis certification was used to develop and show the capabilities of the BA team
- Knowledge was shared and exchanged with other organisations
- The value of the BA role was articulated to exec members with a powerful visual presentation
- A “partnership model” was developed with a business unit who had not previously engaged with BAs or the Change team
- The role the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) plays in strengthening the BA community
- You’ll hear how, over time, sceptics became advocates!



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