Анна Струнникова
АО «Райффайзенбанк», Moscow

How to force a customer listening to you

“I knew it!”, “The same I was saying” or “But I asked you!” - how often such kind of thoughts occur to you? The customer insists on some feature, the analyst asks him leading and direct questions, proposes options. Because he knows the solution could be simpler, faster, more convenient, more modern (underline needed). But the customer stays firm. Finally, the team does as it was requested. But the customer does not like it! Why couldn't he think about it before? We have asked him 100 times before. Does it sound familiar? How much easier it would be if the analysts just were heard. Why doesn't it happen, and can we change it? Spoiler: it is possible, but not always. I will tell you about the reasons why they don't listen to the analysts and how to change it. If it is impossible to change, then how not to waste your time.

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