Леонид Юденков
EPAM Systems, Saint Petersburg

A real hero BA cookbook

Sometimes we're waiting for a real superhero to join our project. He should save the world and solve any issue with the speed of light and with a smile on his face. And very often we agree to carry this burden.
In such cases, the success of a business-analysis strongly depends on experience, luck and charisma of this person. 

Yes, of course, there is a place for heroism in our work but let’s think about more mundane things:

  • Could we consider business-analysis as a process and manage it?
  • What hints and tips does BA have to lighten the burden?
  • How could we move from «ad-hoc heroism» to a guarantee of success?

This talk is for superheroes, for their colleagues and managers.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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