Peter Tisinevich
Coherent Solutions Inc./ISsoft, Minsk
Екатерина Севрук
Coherent Solutions Inc./ISsoft, Minsk

UX strategy for ideas and initiatives promotion

During the workshop, participants will able to identify their company UX maturity, discover shortcomings, practice defining a target audience and developing a value proposition that should underlie of packaging ideas and initiatives for promotion. 

Every person will thrash out its real situation to raise engagement and personal value from the exercise. We will give a chance to participants to figure out strategy and principle in packaging their initiatives or ideas with emphasise on human-counterpart, who we want to persuade and involve in the realisation of the desired project. The benefit of this approach is in scalability and utility in general for ideas and initiatives promotion. 

The workshop target audience is individuals who understand the value of the human-centred approach in developing products and services and want to promote it: owners, top managers, head of functional departments, UX/UI designers, BAs, product and project managers.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)


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