Let's get along: analyst and engineering culture

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Initially, nothing portended problems: we are developing a new integration system in the bank, we have clear and understandable analysis and documentation processes, we have built a full-fledged testing process with a large number of automated tests. Moreover, we regularly interact and review each other's work.

It is not always easy to work together with testers when your system is getting bigger and bigger.

  • What to do, when the chosen approach to documenting requirements is not so good now to quickly create new and change existing test cases?
  • How to check that new changes are fully covered with test cases without death from getting bored?
  • How not to kill each other when you try to find a suitable solution?

In this talk, I will talk about the processes of analysis and testing in our team; about the process problems that we encountered with the growth of the solution; and about the partial automation of the process of interaction with testers, which helped us to solve this problem.

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