Георгий Савельев
EPAM, Saint Petersburg

Journey to the Core of Business: Growing from a Business Analyst to a Business Consultant

The presentation is intended for experienced business analysts taking on a business consultant role. It gives essential tools for effective business process consulting. The presenter suggests a universal model for understanding any business and provides examples of applying it to various industries. The model explains

  • the layers of business architecture;
  • relationship of business analysis deliverables and artefacts to the layers of business architecture;
  • the role of business processes in business and how they relate to other elements of the business architecture.

The presentation further elaborates

  • primary and auxiliary deliverables of a typical business process consulting project;
  • the optimal content of business process consulting deliverables based on the world's best practices and presenter's personal experience;
  • the ways to produce the deliverables and to present them to the client's executives.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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