How to build trust-based relations on a project

In general, the systems analyst has three fronts of work: 

  • communication with the customer, 
  • communication with the team, 
  • communication with other analysts on the project. 

Lack of trust in our work often leads to expenses and conflicts. I mean, credibility is the process. We must manage it. I want to share my experience with such a story. I participated in a project for a major international auditor. When I came to the project after 2 months from the start, I saw the following situation: 

  • there was none analyst on the project;
  • the team did not understand whether it solves the problem correctly; 
  • the team had conflicts and distrust to the results of each other's work; 
  • the product did not work correctly;
  • the customer had a negative from misunderstanding of the status of the project.

I want to tell you how I built credibility in the results of my work with the team and the customer. What I did, what led to the boost/decline of credibility and what conclusions I made.

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