Digital twin to support the growth of logistics infrastructure in e-commerce

  • 40 min

Ozon is an e-com retailer that allows you to order any of more than 2 million products anywhere in the country in a short time. We have created and continued developing a complex logistics system consisting of fulfillments, sorting centres, a network of parcel lockers and self-pickup points. 

We use simulation in AnyLogic for decision-making. 

AnyLogic is a Java-based program with a set of specialized libraries for modelling business processes, production processes, pedestrian, railway and car traffic. With AnyLogic we solved the task of organizing a logistics system for the peak season in the Moscow region, which includes 9 sorting centres with different capacities, 3 fulfillments, more than 3000 self-pickup points and parcel lockers. The task was complicated by the different density of orders for geo-regions, days of the week and time of day. Using the delivery model in the Moscow region as an example, we will show what tasks it is worth to solve using simulation modelling.

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