Unlimited opportunities or how people think?

  • 40 min

Mind models are ways of understanding the surrounding reality, existing in the mind of a person and directing his actions. Mind models both make life easier for us and limit our activities. It is essential for the analyst to understand how mind models work that not to run into problems, self-development and understanding why people think or act in this way. 

The talk will focus on the work of mind models:

1. How do mind models work? 

2. Kanizsa triangle and other tricks of our thinking. 

3. The working mechanisms of mental models. 

4. The causes of distortion of experience. 

5. Using system thinking to work more effectively. 

6. What does it mean - limiting mental models? 

7. How to develop system mental models? 

After the talk you will understand how our brain works and will interact with people more effectively and can develop yourself.

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