Whether you are an engineer or a poet, great communication skill will always strengthen who you are

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The analyst career path can go to different ways – it may lead to management, UX, or even development of technical skills and focus on the non-functional side of requirements. Wherever the career path is leading, one thing remains unchanged – it is communications and mending fences with Business and IT stakeholders, teammates and your manager. 

Every single month, we see that more development tools, methodologies, and techniques are available on the market, and IT brings us new communication tools and opportunities, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack. 

If an analyst wants to master communications with people, he or she needs to understand people, and for that purpose, some basic theories from Humanities & Social Science are of great use. We will talk about the Communication Theory, Cognitive Models and why Humanities & Social Science can bring us some great insights in daily work. We will go through a few practical examples to see how to bring the theory into daily life and practice.

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