It's okay for an analyst to make a mistake, but you have to make it right

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  • 40 min

Every analyst encounters problems of one kind or another on his thorny path: from banal inattention to ignorance of the nuances of the project. When solving these problems the analyst develops and gains the most important thing - experience. Obviously, everyone wants to gain experience as painlessly as possible. There are many things that developers can help to solve because they are more familiar with the system, and to identify the elements of notation enough to open the first link on google. But there are a number of mistakes that analysts can make, they just do not always realize them. Avoiding them you make life easier not only for yourself but also for your team, and save a lot of time.

This presentation is for people who have recently begun the difficult path of an analyst, as well as for experienced professionals who have misunderstandings with their team or are simply frustrated by their own failures

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