Why write end-to-end system use cases, or how the analyst was involved in test automation

  • 20 min

One of the main problems we encountered when developing the product is a large number of defects identified while the integration of components (front-back-mobile application-OS). The reason of the problem was that the development of the product was carried out from the private to the general. When developing features, the requirements and test cases for specific system functions were analyzed in detail, not for the product as a whole. We decided to automate end-to-end tests. The limitations were that there should be few of them, and they should be useful from a business point of view, that is, reproduce user scenarios that are close to real ones. 

In this talk, I want to tell you about how an analyst can help in automating end-2-end tests, namely, in creating end-to-end user scenarios, and share the experience of using this approach. Also, what end-to-end scenarios can be useful for later determining and adjusting the requirements for the system's functionality.

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