Magic matrix for an analyst
  • 40 min

Action-tale about Arkhipus, the sudden senior, and the magic matrix.

Once upon a time, a fresh middle analyst, Arkhipus, was assigned to a project with another, experienced analyst. But suddenly, at a welcome party with a customer, the experienced analyst crossed the red line with not so tolerant jokes, and the next morning, Arkhipus found himself as a first and only analyst on the project 

Paralyzed by terror and drowned in fear, Arkhipus went forth to seek guidance from his mentor. Mentor gave him a magic 2x2 matrix.

-What is it? - asked Arkhipus.

-This matrix would turn into a tool most direly needed!  - mentor answered and faded into the mist... 

Together with Arkhipus, we will walk through all project stages, from discovery, scope and backlog management,  UAT, and till the final release, to unleash the power of the magic matrix!

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