Business processes: how not to complicate the simple and to facilitate the complex

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  • 40 min

"We all learned a little bit, something and somehow", and from everywhere we have been told about the business processes, about the importance of knowing notations and about the benefits of using them. There are thousands of notations, and each one has its own features, rules and life hacks.  And when it comes to operational use, most analysts working with a process problem for the first time, face a lot of questions and doubts boiled down to the 2 key ones:

  • Which tool to use for this task?
  • How to do it correctly?

Within this talk, we will consider: 

  • the basic tasks faced by analysts working with integrations and CRM\ERP-systems, and answer the question: what business process modelling tools are best to use to solve them; 
  • ways of simplifying business processes schemes that need to be read between the lines of textbooks.

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