From hurricane to effective performance using Agile

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Companies or teams often say that they use Agile, but in practice, work they do can not be called Agile at all. Sometimes this attitude to the team's processes leads to extremely low efficiency and disruption of project deadlines. 

It is proposed to consider a specific case for implementing Agile in a small team with chaotic business processes within the talk. The interest of this case is that the implementation of Agile is carried out in the conditions of burning deadlines for the project. In such a situation, Agile practices' drastic introduction can really slow down the team by the simple reason: breaking the current work order takes time to rebuild. It also takes some time to convey the values of Agile to each of the team members. Based on the process's "bottlenecks" analysis, various practices based on Agile values are implemented point-by-point in the team, gradually moving the team's work to a full-fledged Agile.

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