How an analyst can create a successful CV: chips and main mistakes

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CV – all of us have created it and will probably make it more than once. 

Are you still at the start of your career or want to change the occupation and start as an analyst and don’t know what to write in the CV to make it attractive? – I know, I had one. Do you think about making a CV standing out from the competitors, but you have already some experience and knowledge? – well known too. And now I am not a job applicant, but I am a potential employer.

I have got some experience and analysed the best practices and would like to discuss with you about:

  • what you should always put on your CV and what should be kept quiet;

  • what chips are suitable for a potential employer;

  • what you can write in the CV if you don’t have an appropriate experience.

I will tell you about the theory and analyse real examples. Then I will invite you to join my “Workshop to create a successful CV”. Everyone who wants will remake the examples to receive the parts of a successful CV within this workshop. 

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