"I'm not that kind of person". The guide on analyst's technical interview
  • 40 min

We all want to work in an interesting job that we like. We want to get offers for the desired vacancies. We don't want to choose from random offers. Everyone wants to know: "What is important to the interviewer?", "How can I improve my chances of getting this job?", "How do I prepare for the interview?".

We have done over 500 technical interviews of CA and BA vacancies this year. In this talk, we will share observations and feedback on how analysts are interviewed.

You will learn from the talk: 

  • how to prepare for a technical interview;
  • what to tell about yourself and your experience;
  • how to avoid mistakes in answering the most popular questions about business and systems analysis;
  • what questions should you ask the interviewer;
  • how to deal with anxiety, etc.
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