Use case modelling as a system design framework

  • Easy
  • 40 min

Most Agile-methodologies do not specify the modelling process, unlike classical, more heavyweight methodologies such as RUP and ICONIX. Thereby many requirements engineers and system designers get stumped when choosing techniques and tools. Here Agile Modelling to the rescue, but it's actually just a handbook of techniques from which one needs to build their framework - and that's where the problem often arises. 

In this talk, I'll show how classical techniques, albeit slightly lightweight, get along great together and work well in both near-waterfall and Agile methodologies. We'll walk through the entire process of designing a new product feature: from the user stories to the use cases, from the use cases to the data model, UI, APIs, and system requirements, and see what modelling notations will be useful in this journey.

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