On the other side of the light filter. Interface prototype - as a way to understand the customer's needs better

  • 40 min

Currently, IT solutions are being actively developed for the real sector: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, oil and gas chemistry, fertilizer production. How to be an analyst when the subject area is not just complex but super complex, and he/she is not an expert in it.

In the talk, I will tell you about the real sector's case, where "50 shades of black" is not a continuation of the film, but hypothesis developing. 

As a rule, we start development with the use case, user story and data model, but when the end-user is far from IT, the focus comes to the fore:
  • creating an interface prototype;
  • communication in the same language as stakeholders to collect primary information;
  • understanding who, how and where will use the final solution.

The talk will be of interest to analysts who want to change industry or broad their usual view of what their colleagues in the manufacturing sector are doing.

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