Mirages of complicated projects

  • 40 min

What is a mirage? It is a relatively harmless optical phenomenon - the refraction of light at the boundary of different air densities. 

Why "relatively"? It attracts attention, shows objects where they don't really exist, taking the traveller in the wrong direction. 

There are many objects of attention in complicated projects, treatises were written about the issues of analysis, which are wide enough to divert attention from the seemingly prosaic truths: get lost in the details and forget about the fundamentals of our work. 

In the talk, I want to return to the rules that have been saying for a long time ago, which should be relied upon when there is an abundance of mirages. They are described in literally 20 paragraphs. So it's not too difficult to reread them before diving into a project. 

The Client's Bill of Rights and the Client's Bill of Obligations are obvious things that people forget about and then stumble on their way to a product. 

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