Discovery phase and competitor analysis in mobile app development

  • 40 min

We are analyst Nastya and designer Nikita from the custom mobile applications development company - e-Legion.

Discovery is a preliminary analysis, where we determine the needs of the stakeholder and the end-user, as well as define the strengths and weaknesses of the product. As a result, we can offer technical implementation and estimate the development cost. 

During the discovery, we identify business goals, conduct market research and competitor analysis, classify user requirements, create a user flow and propose a design concept.

The demand for discovery and competitor analysis has increased. In the talk, we want to share our experience of conducting a competitor analysis for mobile applications. We want to present our methods and tell you how to use them when developing a new product or functional blocks.

The talk will be useful for analysts, project and product managers, and designers working or planning to work on a mobile application.

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