Certification. Grades. Competence matrix.

  • 40 min

What the talk will be about
If the title of the talk above arouses your interest or pain, if you have tried or want to try to implement or change any of this in your company - then you are definitely here! 

I will tell you about the experience of the CDEK company in shaping the assessment (grading) process for analysts when growing from 15 to 60 people in 3 yearsWe will talk about the artefacts of the attestation process, the competency matrix and building grade requirements.

I will tell you about the techniques that work and do not work for building the attestation process.

Who this talk is for

Basically, the talk is designed for senior and leading analysts, team leaders, heads of analytics departments - i.e. anyone who can or should be involved in shaping the grading process in companies.

If you're interested in the subject in general - we'll also be expecting you, regardless of the grade.

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