The many-armed god of deadline or Some Hints and Ideas for Various Analysts

  • 40 min

At the last Analyst Days, I talked about how mentoring technologies can be used to train an analyst who is focused on the specifics of a company, its products, tools and technologies. 

However, it is not a secret that analysts are one of the most loosely interpreted professions, despite the existence of as many as two standards. Therefore, each company decides individually which person to call an analyst, what set of skills are required from him or her and what tasks to assign.

I do not want to rekindle the eternal holy war about how a business analyst differs from a systems analyst and whether they are different people. I will simply show you what tasks an analyst can encounter on the way, what roles to combine on projects, and where to develop if you get completely bored. 

I hope that my story will help you discover, with surprise, what your fellow analysts are still like and suggest possible points of growth and development.

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