Kaizen and analyst work

  • 40 min

All of you have probably heard about lean and kaizen. These words have long been on everyone's lips in the industry and have recently made their way into IT. They are prevalent among those involved in building new or changing existing processes at customers or in their own teams. 

In my 10 years in the industry, I've been involved in implementing lean and kaizen in manufacturing. And now, in my role as a BA, I am promoting the kaizen in my company. And I have noticed that most people perceive lean and kaizen in general. In general, it is clear to everybody. But when you go into action, there are questions - what to do? 

In my talk, I will tell you about the kaizen concept and the basic idea of this philosophy to show you what results the kaizen philosophy helps achieve and what problems it solves. I will also tell you about the tools that will help you on this path and which you can start to apply in your business now, knowing exactly what results you want to achieve.

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