Re-engineering of Vendor Portal - a System with Chinese Users

  • 40 min

Many of you have come across a situation when a number of technical requests are promoted to add new functions to the existing system. Some of them contradict each other or have serious limitations so that they may be released correctly only by large-scale modifications. 
In such cases, the system analyst should not blindly provide technical solutions but has to rise to a higher level and rethink the idea of system design and interaction with users in general. 

Having walked this path from start to finish, today I will tell you:

  • How not to lose heart managing Legacy system in production, which becomes more and more complicated.
  • Things, not be afraid of system reengineering.
  • What do you need to implement technological changes, not in vain.
  • Where to look for gold deposits with the best solutions, for which you do not need to go to Alaska.

My talk will be of interest to system analysts who have always dreamed of making this world or at least one particular system a little bit better.

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