Tutor Academy - or how our team of analysts is growing

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Outsourcing IT companies grow when their business is successful. As per hh.ru recent research, the IT market is growing 25% annually.

An in-house 'talent pool' is good because it allows you to cultivate in future professionals exactly the knowledge and skills required to realise the business's strategic goals.

We would like to share our one-year story of searching and teaching junior analysts - and how it was transformed into a running business. We have created a simulator of a customer, with our colleagues being tutors and also acting on behalf of this customer.

  • How to see people's potential?
  • How to make tasks look and feel more real?
  • How to motivate your colleagues to take part in all of this?
  • Once a student is released and hired, what should you do?

The presentation will be hosted by the project contributor and one of the successfully released students.

Try to guess who is who.

Can you?

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