If you are afraid of Agile, don’t be an analysts
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Hi, I'm Natasha, and I'm a systems analyst. 

All my professional life, I thought I was working on Agile and Scrum. After all, we have ceremonies, we work in sprints and generally are very progressive guys. Only detailed stipulations and specs I used to write 20 sheets of paper two months before development. But Agile is in the books, and analytics is a road to lunch. 

Where is it possible to make analytics without specifications and practically in parallel with coding? 

How is it possible? 

What is the value of analytics for the team? 

These questions were my questions, and the fear of losing professional value was my fear. 

Seen it - here. It's possible and still is. The value of an analyst is enormous! 

In the talk, I will tell you about how our work process is now set up, what benefits we have gained from it and what the new value of the analyst is.

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