How to apply business analysis to build career strategy

  • Easy
  • 1h 30 min

A barefoot shoemaker is a business analyst who does not use business analysis techniques for job search and professional career development. 

How to choose a company? How to grow? What to learn? 

These questions will remain unanswered until a requirements hierarchy is built and an As-Is-To-Be analysis is performed. 

During this workshop, participants will use business analysis techniques to create a vision and strategy for their personal career development.

Participants will learn how to apply business analysis to solve any life problems, revise simple business analysis and product management techniques, and receive tools that will be useful for work projects, planning a career path, or solving everyday problems. 

The workshop assumes that the participants have basic or theoretical knowledge of business analysis (BACCM, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Hierarchy) and product techniques (Impact Mapping, hypothesis testing).

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