"Skin and bone" - from functional analysis to architecture

  • 1h 30 min

We are used to living by splitting between SAs and BAs. Sometimes an analyst cannot keep sitting on a chair, and then they are called a hybrid. Just 15 years ago, any analyst felt free to work at the database model level, and then, somehow, everyone split into BAs and SAs.  The "mess" at the code level played no small role in it. IT was gaining momentum. Having seen the 'new toy', it was necessary to 'spend some quality time with it'. 

I don't want to discover a "new world" or give the world a "new religion". I want to introduce audiences to my approach to task analysis, which is based on the symbiosis of product and IT strategies, a functional and an architectural approach.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a checklist and a list of questions/notes for analysis on complex product projects. The material will provide a broader view of the problem and the application of design thinking.

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