Hiring as a project. How to build an effective hiring process

  • 40 min

My team has grown from 3 analysts to 21 analysts in a year, spending about 200 hours of total analyst time. And that time was not spent in vain. We started from a funnel of 20 CVs to 1 candidate found. Now we are considering 3 CVs per 1 candidate found. At the same time, the quality of the selection has only increased.

The secret of this speed: treating hiring as a project and believing that everything is in your hands. Collecting requirements, describing the process, roles, prerequisites are artefacts that are necessary for a high recruitment rate.

In the talk, I will tell you more about:

  • what to look out for when building your own recruitment processes,
  • the importance of delegation and the creation of artefacts,
  • how not to lose hope in this challenging race for analysts,
  • how to make life comfortable for beginners while keeping the effectiveness of other analysts on the project.
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