CustDev principles in Requirements Development

  • 20 min

Part of system analyst's work is similar to the work of product manager. 

Analyst's product is the solution that he offers. This solution supposed to be scalable, qualitative and produce profit. 

Analyst's clients are users, but also product managers, developers and architects. 

Analyst's metrics are easeness of scaling and flexibility of the solution and quality of communications inside the team. 

So what if we'll take a product manager's tool, allocate effective principles and approximate them to the system analyst's work?

CustDev is a popular, fast and efficient way of researching the client. 

During the report we will review this tool and find out how Customer Development intersects with the Requirements Development. How to communicate with different respondents, how to reveal psychological traps during an interview, manage the interview according to our brain activity to pull out useful information and learn how to implement the creation of hypotheses into the analytical process.

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