Building expectations on BA work based on BA operating model definition

  • 40 min

Have you noticed that we understand the BA role quite differently? Our daily work, its quality, our activities and even communication circles hardly depend on it. If lacking comprehensive information, we are forming wrong expectations, which lead to disappointments and conflicts.
Which actually might be easily avoided.
Within this talk, we will learn how to define expectations on BA work in different situations. We'll consider a few cases with opposite setups (different project phases, processes, teams) and determine how BA roles may drastically differentiate. We'll see how this impacts the feedback on our work. We'll define which aspects should be clarified first when discovering mutual expectations on BA work and project. As a result, we'll come up with an adaptive approach for BA operating model definition.
Just half an hour or your time will save you kilometres of nerve cells.
Come up and don't forget to take your mobile gadgets with you. Let's interact!

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