Invisible regulator. How to adjust the system to fit the law?

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If you:

  • a specialist working on a product from scratch;
  • regularly interact with government customers;
  • work in areas strictly limited by law;

then the influence of legislation on software solutions is of particular interest to you because it manifests itself already at the stage of development of any product!

I will talk about the problems in working with the requirements of the law from the moment they arise to possible solutions and implementation in the product. I will give as an example a case that allowed our company to solve the following and many other problems:

  • how to identify and process the requirements of the law and not miss the important?
  • what is the algorithm to follow when adjusting the system to the law?
  • how to explain to the User that the system will not go beyond the law?

In the end, I will share my own derived equation, the practical solution that will help achieve the most effective result in relation to all participants in the project.

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