Event-driven approach for information systems analysis and modelling

  • 40 min

Modern technologies and processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated. Mutual understanding between developers and business is often lacking. This directly and not in the best way affects the quality and usability of information systems developed under these conditions. Everybody suffers from this: both users and developers, not to mention the business. Are there any ways to fix this? 

One possible way is an event-driven (ED) approach when building information systems. This approach shifts the focus of attention from thinking and working out the system's structure to what this system does, what its behaviour should be. In the ED approach, the events occurring in the system come to the centre stage. 

In this talk, I will tell you what ideas lie in the foundations of ED architectures. Also, a separate important topic of the report will be reflections on the place and role of a systems analyst in solving problems of analysis and modelling such systems.

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