Building a Customer Journey Map in BI tool with the access to all DWH data

  • 40 min

Building CJM is part of a product manager's job. Often this task is reduced to drawing a diagram in Miro and then hand-pulling the necessary figures out of product analytics. 

 We went through the same process and were looking for alternatives for a long time. In the end, it turned out that Grafana, which we use as our primary BI tool, already has everything we need.

I will explain step by step how you can build a CJM in Grafana: 

  • draw a schema of any level of complexity (with branching/transitions between any blocks, not something the product analytics system will draw automatically); 
  • connect product event data (with daily updates); 
  • use all other data from DWH as well (segmentation by customers, regions, and any other parameters); 
  • use pictures for illustration purposes; 
  • show the dynamics of the parameter over time (e.g. conversions between two phases);
  • highlight problem areas (e.g. when conversions have dropped compared to the previous period).
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