System and business analysts on Big Data projects

  • 40 min

There is a myth that systems using big data-solutions need data analytics only. But projects for building data warehouses cannot start without business and system analysts. I have been working as a systems analyst for more than ten years. I have long wanted to deep into the new, modern world of Big Data, but in a way that does not require a career change. Now, I have three years' experience of working on data warehouse projects. There are more and more of these projects every year, and they require business and systems analysts. 

In my talk, I will explain the specifics of the tasks performed by an analyst on a data warehouse project.I will also share observations on what additional skills are needed to successfully get into work. As an example, I will use the project of building data warehouse in Otkrytie FC Bank. And you will also learn about the unexpected perks you can get on data warehouse building projects.

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