The hard consequences of a lack of soft skills. Building the process of improving soft skills

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My name is Ellina, I work as a senior analyst at Surf. I combine the work of a business analyst and a system analyst in commercial projects (fintech, e-commerce) and conduct internships. The growth of young specialists, whom we teach both business and systems analysis, is significant to us, so we pay attention to the internship course.
In the internship course, we faced a problem – the analyst's soft skills train much more difficult than hard skills. It takes much more time and efforts, and the dynamics of their improving is much lower and the result is difficult to understand. Moreover, an intern who has improved hard skills perfectly, but has not finished improving soft skills, often cannot cope with work in a real project.
I'd like to tell you what qualities a novice analyst should pay attention to, what skills he/she should have at the start, how they can be improved. 

The talk is intended for beginners in the profession and experienced analysts who are engaged in internships.

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