Microservices analytics. Practical experience of an analyst in an enterprise

  • 40 min

You will learn about practical experience of analyst's work for TOP-5 Russian banks. In the Agile env it has become problematic to support “monolith” and recently large banks (as well as many big companies) are increasingly moving to a microservices architectural style. As a result, new demands have begun to be placed on analysts. The analyst is no longer a “tech writer” dealing with docs and preparation of mappings for adapters. He/she is now more of a “solution architect” and a central figure in the team, responsible both for solution selection and for setting development tasks.

The talk will cover the following topics:

  • What are microservices from a methodological perspective and what artefacts require attention when analysing them. 
  • Are microservices always a good thing, or are there cases where it is still better to leave a monolith?
  • DDD, ontology as best practices.
  • How to select and describe a solution so that it does not become an obstacle for subsequent refinement and integration.
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