REST API: integration task solving approach

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  • 40 min

I have experience in solving tasks of refining a mobile application or Web services. These services have a complex multi-tier distributed architecture, in which there will always be new or previously unknown services. To reduce the number of routine work, I have formed several approaches (patterns) to optimize the process of solving typical system analysis tasks.


This talk I built on the example of real cases. I will show you how to use hard skills to solve problems of system analysis in terms of the refinement (and refactoring) of backend. Cases are associated with designing, testing or documenting an API. I will make a small overview of the tools to work with the API, tell you what tasks are solved by these tools and what is best suited. 

I will make the main focus on the Postman capabilities and show what tasks can be optimized by this tool. Will highlight procs and cons of the Postman comparison with analogues.

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