Era of uncertainty: how to make decisions now

  • 40 min

The talk from a man who takes half an hour to choose his dinner. 
Researchers at Cornell University have calculated that we make 227 food-related decisions a day. The total number of decisions per day may be as high as 35,000. Most of them are unconscious, with no expenditure of energy or emotion. But here it's as classic as 80/20: the influence of the conscious is great. Do I go into a startup? Should you change the subject area? Fire an employee or train him or her? Is the analytics department a separate entity, or should they stay in the development department? Which key fits the stakeholder? Which requirement is a higher priority?
After my talk, life for analysts will become more difficult, but more interesting and conscious. You will have the tools to make decisions. 
How to make decisions quickly, simply and easily? How to stop doubting? What is “mindfulness” (spoiler – no yoga or vegetarianism)? What frameworks to use? I'll be answering questions, not asking them.

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