From the estimatation to development. Zero Sprint

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My name is Aidar and I work as a Lead Analyst at Surf. I combine the work of a business analyst and a system analyst in the development of mobile applications and corporate systems (e-commerce, BPM). Zero Sprint is a pre-project study that allows you to more accurately determine the needs of the customer and the amount of work on the future project. Zero sprint is an important part of the project, the quality of which affects everyone involved in the product – the expectations and desires of the customer, the need and usefulness for users, design and development evaluation, the final cost of the product. Often the problem is that the team does not understand what result they need to achieve. I would like to tell you where is the border between Zero Sprint and design itself. Share the real mistakes and pains of the team, as well as their consequences. What artefacts need to be obtained and what is the profit from this for the customer and performers.

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